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Well I think it would be a good idea for leetway to have a recruitment divison, and actually get people to join.. or even treat it like a "Clan/Community" You could also have open public servers Sorta like in 1.6 where In a public server you would ask people to pug, the post the info and 10 people would join. You might also want to look into promoting to other gamming communitys, as they might not even know about leetway. Leetway isnt just for pros, So I think It would be a good Idea to set up a Laison. Reach out to people and start promoting leetway more. I would be willing to help as well, I'm currently in TAW which I will talk with my CO , we currently use Private servers to have pratices twice a week so maybe we would be able to start using the Leetway pug system instead. I think it would be a good idea for you guys to open your doors to the idea of expanding the community. You could also get in touch with larger clans, Hellsgamers for one. I'm not sure what you would feel about giving access to some sort or pratice servers with certin people lets say access to the RCON to hold pratices in or even Public Pratices. I know that TAW has Open pratice where they like to help people learn the game, this could be done. I think that openly accepting other communitys and giving access( Maybe not at frist like I stated above "RCON" access) but If you get people to get dedicated to playing on a sweet 128tick servers instead of a crappy 64tick. I could see leetway going a long ways in, Member grouth, Donations,Servers and much more.

Just and Idea.
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