API & Data Service

Leetway offers an API and Data Service package that includes a REST API, SFTP data and stats delivery, HTTP callbacks, and premium 128 tick game servers (DDoS-protected). This enables fast integration of competitive online CS:GO matches by league, ladder, and tournament organizers.


Hosted on the best cloud infrastructure

Amazon Web Services
Microsoft Azure
Digital Ocean
End of Reality

Integration is quick and easy


  • You send API requests to create matches
  • You send API requests to add/remove players to/from matches (optional)
  • You query API for match status and information (optional)
  • Swagger Docs »


  • We send you zip compressed GOTV demos (.dem)
  • We send you server log files (.log)
  • We send you match statistics files (.sqlite)
    • We provide you with premade SQL queries and optional PHP API for easy statistics integration

HTTP Callbacks

  • We send you optional event callbacks that you can use for match tracking in a website or desktop client
    • match_provisioned
    • match_pregame
    • match_start
    • match_round
    • match_halftime
    • match_overtime
    • match_end
    • match_complete

Integration Data Flow